These lesson plans were designed to be used with activities from Carol Sabbeth's art books
for children ages 9 and up

Monet's Water Lilies
Subject: Visual Arts
Grades / Level: 1-6
Students will learn about Claude Monet's wall-size paintings of water lilies. Next, they create a classroom mural decorated with Monet-inspired water lilies that they paint, cut, and fold into 3-dimensional flowers. More...

The Art of Observation
With Vincent's Sunflower Bird Feeder
Subject: Visual Arts / Science / Writing
Grades / Level: 1-6
After making their own van Gogh-inspired bird feeder, students will experience what it is like to be both a scientist observing birds in the wild, and an artist sketching them.

Portrait Gone Wild
With Frida Kahlo
Subject: Visual Arts / Biography
Grades / Level: 3-8
Students will explore how Frida Kahlo used her imagination to create her surreal portrait of Luther Burbank. Then, they will use Kahlo's methods to create a portrait of a famous person. More...