Monet's Water Lily

Claude Monet spent many creative years painting the water lilies that floated in his water garden in France. Fascinated by the light bouncing off the water, he captured his lilies in a quick impression of colorful strokes. Paint your own impression of a lily and float it in a water garden.

Vincent's Sunflower Bird Feeder

Vincent van Gogh loved sunflowers! He painted many luminous canvases of them using bright, bold, brushstrokes of thick paint. Here's a van Gogh-inspired treat that birds will love. Have your sketchpad ready when they come to visit.
Portrait Gone Wild

Frida Kahlo had an incredible imagination. When she painted a portrait of the famous botanist Luther Burbank she let her imagination soar. Use Kahlo's ideas to create a portrait of a famous person.
Self-Portrait in Swirling Words

Vincent van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits in his lifetime. Of them, his portrait made up of swirling lines of blues and greens is probably his best known. Paint a self-portrait using van Gogh's color scheme and express your thoughts in swirling words.
Paris Shadow Puppet Theater

Paris! During van Gogh's time it was a hotbed of creativity. One artist designed incredible stage sets using cut-out figures, called shadow puppets, that were lit from behind. In the hands of a puppeteer, the figures drifted across a white silk screen as a story unfolded. Make a mini theater and entertain your friends with your own shadow plays!
Degas's Tiny Dancer

Dancers were a favorite subject of Impressionist artist Edgar Degas. He even made sculptures of them. He dressed one of them in real ballet slippers, a gauze tutu, and silk bodice. At the time, no one put real clothes on a sculpture! Make a little sculpture and decorate it with accessories that you create.
Every Picture Tells a Story

Mary Cassatt's paintings often give us a glimpse into someone's home. It's like looking through the keyhole of a door. We see little slices of life that tell us a story. Here's a game that gives you the fun of making up a story about what you see in Cassatt's painting Young Mother Sewing.
Powerful Pictures and Poems

Diego Rivera was a man with a message. Many of his colorful paintings and murals express his thoughts about the hardships of being poor. When poet Maya Angelou wrote a poem called Still I Rise she used Rivera's paintings to illustrate her words. Choose a photo then write a poem about the image.
Make an Aztec Tattoo

Many pre-Columbian cultures painted decorations on their bodies. To make these temporary tattoos, they applied natural pigments to a clay or stone stamp and pressed it onto their skin. Make a tattoo of your own design.
You'll find these activites and more in Carol Sabbeth's art books about Van Gogh, Monet, Kahlo and their friends